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We are a family owned FFL dealer with nationwide distributor connections. Growing up in a world of Louisiana farms and forests, we've always used guns for protection, recreation, and provision. Our need for and interest in firearms has lasted for generations and our collective/combined abilities led us to start Gramps' Guns. Gramps is around most of the time. He mostly leaves the business activities up to the youngsters except for the occasionally offered up advice, whether we've asked for it or not. Our business approach is pretty simple. Be honest, be smart, be fair, and do your best for those who give you the opportunity. 

Ordering for you:  We are happy to find you the best price on any firearm or accessory you would like.  Our goal is to get you what you want, not just sell you what we have.  Contact us about a price quote on any item we can help you find.  Our distributor network gives us access to almost any firearm, shooting, hunting, or camping supply.  For special orders, we may require a 20% non-refundable deposit.  Customer understands that he/she must be eligible under all federal, state, and local laws to receive the items.  Any firearms must be transferred to the customer through us or another licenced (FFL) entity, which will conduct the required background check. Customer is responsible for any shipping to and additional fees for the transfer at other FFL dealers.


Transfers:  ($20 per transfer + $5 per additional item)  We are happy to assist with any firearm transfer.  If you buy a gun from another retailer, you can have it shipped to us and we can complete the required background check and paperwork.  Just contact us and request that we send our FFL to the retailer.  Customer understands that he/she must be eligible under all federal, state, and local laws to receive the items.  Customer is responsible for any return shipping in the event the transfer is not approved by ATF/FBI.  We will also assist with private party transfers if you would like to have us run a background check before a private party sale.


Sales:  We have a small stock of firearms, accessories, and ammunition.  Contact us for information on current stock or to request particular items.  We are happy to order for you and offer competitive prices on most items.


Special Orders


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