We only stock a a little ammunition but we will be happy to search for any specific requests.  We source ammunition from several distributors and can readily access many items in small or large quantities.  Contact us regarding your ammo needs.


Gold Medal Target 22LR:  $5.25

Federal 711B

1080 FPS, 40 GR, LRN

50 Round Box

Gold Medal HV Match 22LR:  $5.25

Federal 719

1200 FPS, 40 GR, LRN

50 Round Box

Gold Medal Match 22LR:  $8.70

Federal 922A

1080 FPS, 40 GR, LRN

Match Accuracy

50 Round Box


Ranger 38 Special +P PDX-1: $22.75

Winchester R38B

38 Special +P, 130 GR,, JHP

50 Round Box

PowerMax Bonded 270 Win: $22.00

Winchester X2705BP

270 Win, 130GR, JHP

20 Round Box

Cor-Bon 9mm Makarov (9x18): $5

New (Old Stock)

9mm Makarov, 20 rounds


Special Orders


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